Júlio Lins
On Syria uprising

1995 Yugoslavia and 2003 Iraq are repeating today in Syria. US and international organizations like UN are urging syrian opposition and any reaction is followed by a massive smear campaign by western media. Any more serious response from Al Assad government would result in another more military intervention by US, France and international organizations. That´s what they want. Moreover, that´s annoying what UN is saying about the “5.000 deads”. Tush, Syria is in war, so Bashar Al Assad government has killed 5.000 people and syrian opposition has killed…. 0 people! Anyone has been killed by the opposition! Yes, western media is pushing the old “Good Guys (syrian opposition) vs Bad Guys (Syrian Government)”, like they did in Yugoslavia and Iraq. They want to change the regime, so they support the opposition and then start a very massive smear campaign against the regime, until the ouster. Finally, remember the syrian opposition is not for “democracy”, like western media thoroughly said. It´s not for democracy, but for an islamic shariah-based government, like they did in Tunisia and Egypt, as demonstrations start after mosque sermons fiered by hate. Demonstrators are fed by islamic sermons at mosques and want to do in Syria like islamists did in Tunisia and Egypt. Open your eyes!!

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